Government Mandatory on Food Waste Recycling

Government Mandatory on Food Waste Recycling

The Zero Waste Masterplan of Singapore has covered the management of food waste stream with the following policies:

12 Jan 2019

Launch of 2019 year towards Zero Waste

Singapore has designated 2019 as the Year Towards Zero Waste to rally Singaporeans to care for our environment and treasure our precious resources. Governments are working towards becoming a zero waste nation by reducing our consumption of materials, and reusing and recycling them to give them a second lease of life. READ MORE
From Sept 2019

Mandatory waste reporting

With effect from 1 Sep 2019, hotels, malls, industrial premises, convention and exhibition centres are required to keep records of the waste disposed and recycled quantities at the premises, for not less than 5 years. READ MORE
Year 2021

New building to set aside space for onsite food waste recycling

From 2021, developers of new developments which are expected to be large food waste generators will be required to allocate and set aside space for on-site food waste treatment in their design plans. READ MORE
Year 2024

F&B businesses required to segregate food waste for treatment

From 2024 onwards, owners and occupiers of commercial and industrial premises that generate large amounts of food waste will be required to segregate their food waste for treatment, either on-site or off-site. Such premises include large hotels and malls, large industrial developments housing food manufacturers, food caterers, food storage warehouses and more. READ MORE

Published by Zero Waste Solution on 23rd Mar, 2021