This solution promotes residential green journey. Household food waste are being ground via a kitchen sink grinder and travel by 'vertical drop' to an on-site Zwaste Digester or Zwaste Composter. Food waste recycling is achieved with production of liquid nutrient, recycled water for machine backwash and compost for estate landscaping.

For a more cleaner and hygienic kitchen
With Zwaste Residential in your kitchen, food scraps can go right in the sink to central food waste recycling equipment via dedicated kitchen waste pipe. You’ll enjoy a cleaner, more hygienic kitchen. Less bagged garbage in your home helps prevent odors and reduces the attraction of insects and pests.

Process Flow

The in-sink grinder will provide a clean, convenient and environmentally responsible method of ridding your kitchen of food scraps. At the touch of a button, food waste is dealt with hygienically and instantly – rather than leaving it in a bin to encourage smells, bacteria and insects.

This in turn makes the kitchen a more pleasant environment for family and social gatherings. In-sink grinder don’t just offer practical, contemporary convenience; they provide an environmentally sound answer to the growing problem of food waste.

Fitted easily and discreetly under your sink, this in-sink grinder will effortlessly grind food waste into tiny particles that are automatically flushed away down the kitchen drain to enter the central food waste recycling system.

Installation Reference

at Fernvale Community Club

Light duty station installed at each hawker stall to grind food waste and piped to pneumatic feeding station

Heavy duty station for central washing areas to grind food waste and piped to pneumatic feeding station

Ground food waste being transported through piping to the pneumatic feeding station


To reduce the hassle of packing up food waste and pouring it into the kitchen pedal bin. Dish washing and food preparation can then be accelerated.
Easy-to-use kitchen appliances that is compact and unobtrusively mounted under the sink.
Food waste is handled quickly, safely and efficiently in order to reduce bugs and odors within your home.
Social Responsibility
Reduce the amount of food waste to be sent to landfill by transferring food waste to the treatment system and converting into valuable resources.

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