Integrated food waste solution integrating a Zwaste Station to an on-site Zwaste Digester or Zwaste Composter within the hotels, malls and office buildings.

Food waste from various food waste sources such as kitchens, outlets, food court, supermarket will be ground at source and convey by pumps and gravity to an on-site food waste recycling equipment.


This solution significantly improve the hygiene, cleanliness and safety of work environment. Collateral benefits include improved productivity and reduction in waste disposal expenditure.

How it works?

The integrated food waste solution consists of the following major elements:
InSink Grinder
Grinder build into the kitchen sink to grind food waste before conveying by pumps and gravity
Grinder Station
Zwaste Station for grinding and transportation of food waste at dish-washing/ kitchen preparation area
Food Waste Treatment Equipment
Comes with Zwaste Digester and dewatering system converting food waste into recycled water/ liquid nutrient or comes with Zwaste Composter converting food waste into compost
Secondary Substructure
Secondary substructure for all pipes, booster pumps, valves and divert/merge switches
Integrated Controls
Integrated control cabinets and integrated electrical installation
PLC Control Panel
Central monitoring panel and programmable logic controller (PLC) for food waste recycling equipment


Government Direction
Productivity - enhanced automation in order to minimize manpower input
Environment Friendly
No storage of food waste causing foul smell and pest, no leakage of food waste during transportation
Costs Saving
Costs saving in waste disposal fee and trash bag
Lesser Traffic
Lesser traffic at kitchen area resulting in safer and comfortable work place

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