About Us


Leading Provider of Food Waste Solutions

ZERO WASTE Solution Pte Ltd (ZWS), is a leading innovator and manufacturer of food waste recycling/treatment solutions.

Founded on strong industry knowledge and technical prowess, we have gathered a team of individuals familiar with urban waste challenges.

We pride ourselves to be among the few if not the only Singapore company that designs and builds all its products in Singapore. This in turn enables us to customize our equipment in accordance with site constraints and nimbleness in providing technical support.

ZWS has installed and maintained the most numbers of on-site equipment in Singapore, a clear endorsement of our solutions. Our proven solutions have made us the preferred choice with numerous government agencies, hotels, facilities management, food chains, food manufacturers and corporations.

Our continuous engagement with the various regulators and stakeholders has helped position us at the forefront of innovative solutions and products.



Forerunner of biotechnological solutions with in-house R&D, production, engineering and service team.
Maintain more than 70 installations and on-site equipment.
Recycled approximately 45.4 tons of food waste daily and the numbers are keep growing.
Presence in 15 industries which including government or private sector.

Our Vision

Towards ZERO food waste whilst creating a circular economy.

Our Mission

Implementing sustainable solutions with like-minded stakeholders to provide functional methods and processes for reducing food waste.

Our Equipment

ZERO WASTE's equipment is designed on fundamentals such as human behaviour, workflows, comfort, productivity, environmental impacts and creating a circular waste economy.

Continuous waste offloading, safe and ease of operation, auto conveyancing from waste points to our on-site equipment, meaningful reduction of carbon emission during waste transportation and re-usability of output are pivotal considerations of urban waste management.

Treating waste on-site is done so with our proven processes and microbes, enabling waste to be treated within 24 hours. For our clients this translates into saving on spending for waste removal, labour, contributing towards our national agenda of ZERO WASTE and reducing carbon emission.

No resources will be compromised as we continuously improve our products and solutions, working closely with regulators, businesses and research institutions, evolving to the dynamic waste demographic and behaviour.

Our Core Solutions

Zero Waste core business is food waste recycling and treatment. Our on-site food waste solutions are designed along with the national agenda of ZERO food waste to incineration and landfills. Further, on-site solutions dispense with the need to transport food waste to incineration plants thereby reducing the carbon footprint. Food waste is the worst contaminant to incinerable waste and its transportation is a large contributor to the production of carbon emission.

Our food waste solutions relate to many aspects of our community covering your dining at local coffee shops, preparing your meals at home, the order-in meals, restaurant dinings, buffets and even the leftover from air cabins. Simply any place that produces food waste.

ZERO WASTE range of solutions includes an on-site food waste processing technology whereby food waste can be processed into usable outputs such as liquid nutrient, recycled water and compost, made possible by our proprietary microbial processes.

ZWS solutions are developed by the ZWS Team comprised of committed and experienced individuals. On a daily basis, there is no lack in team members who propose new ideas based on reviews of customer feedback, everyone is given space to develop and improve solutions and "the best way to predict the future is to create it"- Alan Kay, American Computer Scientist