On-site batch or continuous food waste treatment system converting food waste into compost consisting of approximately 30 to 40% of food waste input within 24 hours.

Compost may be used in rooftop gardens, landscaping and plant-potting. The compost act as a soil enhancer improving soil structure and water retention to the topsoil.
Daily Capacities
The system is capable of converting 25 kg up to 1 ton of food waste into compost daily.
Rapid Conversion
Food waste can be processed into 30 to 40% of food waste input within 24 hours.
Bacteria Formula
Food waste with approximately 50-80% moisture is mixed with microbes within the system, and the replenishment is required every 3 months.
User Friendly
The whole process is efficient, clean, highly automated and user friendly with a simple PLC control system.

Process Flow

Zwaste Composter technically uses the same biological process with an heated accelerated formulated condition using Facultative bacteria with majority under the bacterial class of Bacilli (Classified under Bio-Safety Level 1) as the main source of microbial formulation operating at controlled heated environment.

Facultative bacteria utilize either dissolved oxygen or oxygen obtained from food materials or from system input water function and input air circulation for survival and to function effectively.

Zwaste Composter innovative technology allows for an automated and odorless process. Utilizing microbes with controlled heated environment, food waste deposited in the system drum with a well mix of wood chips or any form of horticulture waste is transformed to nutrient-rich soil in less than 24 hours achieve up to 50-70% of food waste weight/volume reduction.

With the controlled heated environment, microbes are effectively in digestive working condition while eliminating all other bad bacteria that have been part of the input food waste stream.

Depending on the food waste type utilized via Zwaste Composter, compost quality will varies accordingly.



Operation Process

Optional Features

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