Entirely self-contained, continuous food waste treatment system designed to bio-convert solid food waste into liquid. 
Three options of liquid to be incorporated:  Recycled Water (for system backwashing), Liquid Nutrient (for landscaping) or discharge as greywater.
Digest food waste within 24 hours process cycle.
Fully automated with continuous feed and process
Customized Solution to fit your operational and site constraints.
Reduce carbon footprint by cutting down haulage frequency.

Stages of Decomposition

Inoculation of Microbes

Microbes effectively digest food waste converting them into liquid. It only requires yearly replenishment with continuous deposition of food waste.

Input of food waste

Rice, noodles, pasta, rotten fruits, vegetables, poultry, seafood, seashells, raw and cooked meat with bones, just throw everything as long as it's food waste into the system.

Broken down & Digestion

Food waste will be broken down to smaller pieces by the built-in grinder which is capable to crush bones aside from normal food waste and digested within 24 hours.


Conversion into liquid

Food waste converted into either liquid effluent, recycled water or liquid nutrient.

Optional Features

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