An effective enzyme ball formulated specifically for sewers, drains and grease traps to break down Fat, Oil and Grease (FOGs) - thereby reducing blockage in pipes and unpleasant odors.

Efficient, cost effective, economical and affordable
Simple application and notable result observed within a week.
FOGs being treated in an environmentally-friendly way
Made from 100% organic materials, chemical-free and non-toxic.

How it works?

Fat, Oil and Grease (FOGs) is very often discharged into grease traps via drainage and sewer. FOG build up is usually the cause of blockage in piping and main culprit of unpleasant odor in grease traps.

Our powerful Zwaste Ball enables show release concoction of various super catalytic enzymes, which are capable of breaking down fat, oil and grease into water and carbon dioxide.

Other benefits include increase in hygiene level and inhibition of pest growth.

Implementation Case Study


  • Grease layer built up
  • Unpleasant smell


  • Grease layer slightly reduced
  • Smell level decreased


  • Grease layer significantly reduced
  • Smell level greatly reduced


Prevents Odors
No desludging necessary, prevents bad rancid odors.
Less Pests and Vermins
Eliminate unpleasant odors thereby less pests and vermins.
Cost Savings
Prevent grease build up or block drain pipe which in turn save costs on plumbing.

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